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Eye MassagerEye MassagerEye MassagerEye Massager

Eye Massager

  • Product Item : EF-4001
  • Product description: Eyes Facial Massager Wand with 42 ℃
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Eye Massager,CleanDell Ionic Eyes Facial Massager Wand with 42 ℃ Heated,Dark Circle Remover,Eliminate Eye Bags&Puffy Eye and Anti-Aging Firming Facial

1.Multi-effect, easy to carry.

2.Ice sense of bright eyes, can reduce eye edema, vitality reproduction.
3.Sense of relaxation, can alleviate the eye with a long time caused by eye fatigue and dryness.
4.Alternating hot help alleviate dark circles and early eye fine lines formation.
6.Acupoint circulation vibration massage, relieving eye fatigue effectivly.
7.Built-in high-efficiency lithium battery, life longer, travel companions worry-free.


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